Afternoon Session of FE Exam -
Industrial Discipline

Modeling and Computation Topic Area

The following subtopics are covered in the Modeling and Computation portion of the afternoon, Industrial Discipline examination:

A. Algorithm and logic development (e.g., flow charts, pseudo-code)
B. Spreadsheets
C. Databases (e.g., types, information content, relational)
D. Decision theory (e.g., uncertainty, risk, utility, decision trees)
E. Optimization modeling (decision variables, objective functions, and constraints)
F. Linear programming (e.g., formulation, primal, dual, graphical solution)
G. Math programming (network, integer, dynamic, transportation, assignment)
H. Stochastic models (e.g., queuing, Markov, reliability)
I. Simulation (e.g., event, process, Monte Carlo sampling, random number generation, steady-state vs. transient)

The Modeling and Computation portion covers approximately 12% of the afternoon session test content.