Afternoon Session of FE Exam -
Industrial Discipline

Manufacturing and Production Systems Topic Area

The following subtopics are covered in the Manufacturing and Production Systems portion of the afternoon, Industrial Discipline examination:

A. Manufacturing systems (e.g., cellular, group technology, flexible, lean)
B. Process design (e.g., number of machines/people, equipment selection, and line balancing)
C. Inventory analysis (e.g., EOQ, safety stock)
D. Forecasting
E. Scheduling (e.g., sequencing, cycle time, material control)
F. Aggregate planning (e.g., JIT, MRP, MRPII, ERP)
G. Concurrent engineering and design for manufacturing
H. Automation concepts (e.g., robotics, CIM)
I. Economics (e.g., profits and costs under various demand rates, machine selection)

The Manufacturing and Production Systems portion covers approximately 13% of the afternoon session test content.