Afternoon Session of FE Exam -
Civil Discipline

Hydraulics and Hydrologic Systems Topic Area

The following subtopics are covered in the Hydraulics and Hydrologic Systems portion of the afternoon, Civil Discipline examination:

A. Basic hydrology (e.g., infiltration, rainfall, runoff, detention, flood flows, watersheds)
B. Basic hydraulics (e.g., Manning equation, Bernoulli theorem, open-channel flow, pipe flow)
C. Pumping systems (water and wastewater)
D. Municipal water distribution systems
E. Reservoirs (e.g., dams, routing, spillways)
F. Groundwater (e.g., flow, wells, drawdown)
G. Sewer collection systems (storm and sanitary)

The Hydraulics and Hydrologic Systems portion covers approximately 12% of the afternoon session test content.