Afternoon Session of FE Exam -
Chemical Discipline

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Topic Area

The following subtopics are covered in the Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics portion of the afternoon, Chemical Discipline examination:

A. Thermodynamic laws (e.g., 1st Law, 2nd Law)
B. Thermodynamic properties (e.g., internal thermal energy, enthalpy, entropy, free energy)
C. Thermodynamic processes (e.g., isothermal, adiabatic, isentropic)
D. Property and phase diagrams (e.g., T-s, h-P, x-y, T-x-y)
E. Equations of state (e.g., van der Waals, Soave-Redlich-Kwong)
F. Steam tables
G. Phase equilibrium and phase change
H. Chemical equilibrium
I. Heats of reaction
J. Cyclic processes and efficiency (e.g., power, refrigeration, heat pump)
K. Heats of mixing

The Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics portion covers approximately 10% of the afternoon session test content.